Thursday, 14 August 2014

Empowering Hands

Hand-embroidered designs and traditional patterns give a timeless appeal to our garments -  marking them out as Tara. We look back at how we carved this identity for ourselves and the "hands" that helped us achieve it.

What started with couple of employees at a single unit in Kochi, is now a production house with over 30 units spread across Kerala employing more than 200 women! In all these 30 years, we have stayed away from machines - depending solely on our women employees in these units.

Our units are spread out as far as the Malabar region in the north and the capital city down south.  This means that women don't have to come to us for work, our decentralised system allows them to do work in their house environment.

They could be educated, skillful ladies but who are chained to the household for various reasons. Financial freedom through regular work is what Tara is offering these underprivileged women of our state. No strict deadlines also mean that their duties as a wife, mother or daughter-in-law are never forgotten.

Nor is there a penalty for a wrong design or pattern. On and off, the design that comes back to the headquarters does not resemble the original sketch. However, the magic of hand-embroidery is such that even a wrong design could end up as a lovely new design.


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