Monday, 21 July 2014

How to Wrap Your Baby Well

Baby infants sleep blissfully when wrapped in a cotton sheet as it gives them a secure and snug feel just like in the mother's womb.

Most people tend to buy synthetic/acrylic sheet as they believe it would keep the baby warm in cold climate. However, it is not good to have synthetic material next to the baby's skin.

Step by step process
It is always better to wrap the baby in a cotton sheet as it is gentle on their delicate skin. It is very easy to swaddle the baby, once you learn the right technique. If you feel that it is still cold, you can put a blanket over the baby to keep him or her warm.

Once you begin the to wrap the baby before nap time, they also catch up on the routine quickly. So every time you wrap the baby, they also get ready to sleep.

From newborn age till they begin to make movements, i.e, up to 3 months, you can continue using wraps for babies.

Tara adds delicate hand-embroidered designs on to the soft cotton sheets making it an adorable accessory for nap time. You can check out our collection here  - choose from cute blue star designs to vibrant farm scenes.

Blue Star Cotton Wrapping Sheet

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