Thursday, 10 July 2014

About Button Books & Fabric Pages

Life at Tara revolves around clothes. Clothes work almost as a substitute for paper/books. Instead of tearing out pages from a book, we try to make-do with small shreds of garments.

Button Books

Notes made on fabric
We even have an in-house cataloging file which is aptly called the Button Books. Square or rectangle pieces of white polycot fabric are stitched together to form a book. 

Buttons or  embellishments are stitched on to these ‘fabric pages’ along with corresponding notes on the side. These help in keeping track of dress items and the matching embellishments. If we a message needs to be send to a unit regarding a faulty garment, it is written out on a piece of fabric, which is then stitched on to the product.

Fabric can come in handy for many other tasks too. Like the long strips of discarded fabric that are
Bundle of towels tied with cloth
Choolu tied with strip of cloth
used to tie up the bundles of garments during
transportation. We also have the age-old brooms (choolu) made of sticks held together by a string of fabric.

Our earlier workers even used to take these discarded pieces of clothes and make pillows or cushions out of them.

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