Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Craft of Appliqué

Though its origins cannot be pinpointed, it was the French who coined the term Appliqué, meaning ‘applied’ or thing that has been applied. It can be sewn by hand or machine in a variety of ways. Appliqué first came into being as a necessity to patch torn clothes. Over time, it grew into an embroidery technique. Different pieces of fabric, embroidery or other materials are sewn onto another cloth to create patterns or motifs.

At Needlecraft, we reuse left over pieces from garments and handcraft them into fun designs on Tara dresses, towels, and flannels. Most of the pieces are illustrated from embroidery books, but every once in a while one of our women comes up with a colourful rendition of their simple lives. 

Take a look at some applique pieces

These are our baby-steps towards a more sustainable viable living society. Try some appliqué for yourself too with this tutorial.

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