Friday, 16 August 2013

A Different Kind of Hardship


What would you call poverty that is not the lack of money but an inhibition of rights? What if you
live in a society with 100% literacy but no sense of liberation?

For reasons known but rarely mentioned, it is always/mostly a woman who bears the brunt of this in Kerala society. Their basic right to decide has been taken away, sometime because of a chauvinistic husband, sometimes owing to family burdens and so on. The reasons are numerous and every woman has a different struggle.

On the other side of this very society, women are finding their own meaning, their purpose. The hope is small but sure. By training them, by strengthening them with required skills, giving them the freedom of work, Tara is giving its women back their basic right to have a choice.

I don’t promise them freedom from their helplessness, nor do I pride myself with uplifting them. I am just someone creating an opportunity for them to help themselves. I have the means and have equal need for them; this relationship is symbiotic.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Craft of Appliqué

Though its origins cannot be pinpointed, it was the French who coined the term Appliqué, meaning ‘applied’ or thing that has been applied. It can be sewn by hand or machine in a variety of ways. Appliqué first came into being as a necessity to patch torn clothes. Over time, it grew into an embroidery technique. Different pieces of fabric, embroidery or other materials are sewn onto another cloth to create patterns or motifs.

At Needlecraft, we reuse left over pieces from garments and handcraft them into fun designs on Tara dresses, towels, and flannels. Most of the pieces are illustrated from embroidery books, but every once in a while one of our women comes up with a colourful rendition of their simple lives. 

Take a look at some applique pieces

These are our baby-steps towards a more sustainable viable living society. Try some appliqué for yourself too with this tutorial.