Thursday, 27 June 2013

What inspired Tara?

Cochin store
Tara as an enterprise started in 1981, but its story starts with Annu Jose and a concession counter at her mother's saree shop.

It grew to become the first ever exclusive children’s wear and utilities shop in Kerala within two years of its conception.

Things were not the same over three decades ago for a new mother. There were no readily available diapers or baby clothes or toiletries.

Clothes and diapers had to be stitched or brought in from the metro cities; most other necessities too shared the same plight.

When Annu was blessed with her first child and had to face the difficulties of gathering such simple provisions, she figured the potential for an exclusive baby shop in the fast growing city of Cochin.

She carried a preference for whites with pastel embroidery, memoirs of her childhood that she chose for her son’s garments.

She adopted the same style of clothes to put up in the Tara baby shop, and to this day, the garments echo a similar aesthetic.

We did the stitching, embroidering and packing on the first floor and my living room was the counting section. With bundles of clothes in the corner and over 20 women working, my house was more of a workshop. It sounds more tiresome in retrospect, but honestly I never really had the time to stop and think about these nuances.